Director Identifier Number (DIN) : Need to know

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

There is an important development with regards to a Business Organisation structure for entities registered in Australia .

From 21 November 2021 all company directors of Australian entities must verify their identity with Australian Business Registry Services. Directors would then be provided with a unique Director Identifier Number (DIN) . Once issued DIN will be kept forever.

Directors would need to apply themselves. No one can apply on their behalf (not even an authorised agent). Directors must apply for a single DIN only . It would be an offence to apply for multiple DINs.

DIN would be a 15 digit identification Number which would allow directors to be identified on public registers by their DIN rather than by way of personal information such as full name, DOB and address.

The DIN will also be used by Government agencies to trace relationships of Directors to various companies. The DIN will allow regulators to identify and track illegal phoenixing activity and also to track directors of failed companies who were using fictitious identities hither to fore.

We hope our customers in Australia would find this information useful.

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