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Transportation services saving time and money 

INNOVATIVE , COMPETENT AND AUTOMATED PLATFORM The innovative , competent and automated  software platform that shall be provided will save you more time, and money, while removing unnecessary worries from movement of your goods within Australia or across the globe.  


The ASSURED edge

What you can ASSUREDLY  expect from us 

  • SOFTWARE PLATFORM. An innovative and  breakthrough transport solutions platform including probable integration with E-Commerce platform of your online store.

  • COMPETITIVE RATES. Very highly competitive rates from the most reputed and  established national carriers in Australia and across the globe.

  • JUST FEW CLICKS. Transporting almost everything from satchels, business documents, boxes, parcels, pallets and crates is just a few clicks on your keyboard.

  • DEDICATED MANAGER. A dedicated and professional account manager to personally available 24 x 7 to look into any of  your same day, overnight or standard delivery. ( Hoping you'll be kind enough to permit  your ASSURED Larrikin Manager, 6 hours of rest in a 24 hours cycle )

Single window platform 

  • NEED BASED SOLUTION. An occasional transportation need or a bit too many , we can provide appropriate transportation solution to suit any of your transportation need.

  • AUSTRALIA AND WORLD WIDE DELIVERY. Capability and capacity to enable delivery around Australia and to more than  220 countries world wide , we possess the global scale and leading software to get your delivery where it needs to be in the given time frame.

  • TRUST , PROFESSIONALISM AND RELIABILITY Trust , professionalism and reliability is incredibly important and is ASSURED in the innovative software platform empowering you to easily handle high volumes of deliveries and wide range of goods providing more time to you for your core business activities.

  • HUMAN AND HUMANE FEEDBACK. The best of plans can have a snag , but no worries . We will follow it up and provide a ( human and humane )  feedback until the  issue gets resolved. 

Hey Cobber , what next ?

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